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Car rental at the Cologne airport

The International Airport of Cologne is located between two important cities of Germany – Cologne and Bonn. The airport has the great importance and is engaged flights, as throughout Europe and in many other countries. Every year, at the airport steadily growing the number of visitors. The most popular low cost airlines offering their flights at the airport – Wings, Star Alliance and Lufthansa. There are also direct flights to Paris, Lisbon, Istanbul and Rhodes. But to get to the Cologne or Bonn is not so easy, because the cities located far from the airport, after the arrival at the airport you can reach to the city by train or bus, but it takes a lot of time and is not very convenient to use public transport and carry you luggage. For your convenience, at airport working company NANIKO, company’s cars you can find in the airport parking. You can stop think about how to go to the city with luggage.

You can use the renting car not only in order to reach your destination, «Cologne» or «Bonn», but also for tourism purposes. Tourists comes here to see carnival, the Cologne Cathedral or simply to relax. The city is situated in the center of the region in western Germany, and is a good way to travel to other cities around Cologne and Bonn. Not far from Cologne   located Dusseldorf, Munster, Dortmund and many important and interesting cities in the region, something that you should definitely visit. But to visit all the cities you need to move a lot. With your own car, you can solve this problem without any worries. Our comfortable, economical, accessible vehicles always at your disposal. We are always willing to help. The rent a car company NANIKO at the Cologne airport working around the clock. The team will provide you safe transportation in Germany and you can enjoy your holiday.

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