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Welcome to Germany ! Germany is located in the center of Europe and is one of the most popular destinations for all . Germany is a modern  and protected country  with high living standards . Germany borders with nine neighboring countries and bordering the North and Baltic seas to the north. Germany consists of sixteen states with approximately 82 million inhabitants and each province has its own tradition and history. Here comes a huge number of visitors from different countries that shows that the country has a lot of  to show . Germany always  open to all guests and those wishing to visit it. Culture Germany great and charming. German culture is so versatile and multifaceted that it is impossible to describe with words alone , it must be seen and experienced. Best to  travele to Germany by yourself . Here you can visit the sea when you stay in the north, to see the mountains when you’re in the south and many vibrant cities across the country and spectacular sights in each city. In Germany, every year they celebrate many different events. Bavarian Oktoberfest is especially popular among tourists.


Car rental company NANIKO in Germany

Travelers do not have a minute to lose , they have to use every free hour, every free moment , because Germany is so great and so interesting. Travel in Germany is very nice, but in order to make you feel comfortable advisable to rent a car. Our cars you can rent anywhere on the central railway stations as well as airports in Germany as well as in downtown. The car rental company  NANIKO in Germany always glad to you . The company will do everything for your convenience. For each there is a car for his taste . Whether it’s luxury cars or sports cars does not matter , we will find the right car for everyone and deliver  the right place. Our cars are always at work and we are always open for you. You can find detailed information and make reservations   on our website .

NANIKO team  – wishes you a pleasant journey and a pleasant stay in Germany

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