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Car rental in Tbilisi, Georgia

Welcome to Tbilisi. The capital Tbilisi is located in the center of the country and is the largest among cities of Georgia. The city is one of those cities, which offers the opportunity to spend time perfectly. Here you can find: numerous street with shopping malls and shops, the Orthodox Church, the Turkish mosque, synagogue. Old and new cultures merge harmoniously and make the city incredibly interesting.

Travel to any city is always great fun, but it should not become tedious.  There are monuments of several centuries; it is very tiring to discover them by foot. In this case the car is a good decision.

Cheap car rental from Naniko.

When searching for a car rental, you will find we have the right vehicle that will fit your taste and desire. Rent a car at a reasonable price, this is a very important criterion. The Worldwide Company Naniko offers cars at a low price. In our fleet you can find cars of different classes. We always supply our clients with practical and inexpensive cars.

Trip on a rented car.

On a rented car you can drive on the roads not only Tbilisi, but also outside the city, you can arrange unforgettable excursions. You will be able to climb on the weekend, such as “Turtle Lake “, enjoy the beautiful nature. Take a car rental, it is always the best way to save costs. Here you can find a cheap car for your holiday in Tbilisi.


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