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Internationally renowned car rental NANIKO in Armenia offers to visitors a variety of vehicles for rent. We offer a variety of car brands. The price depends on the model and the rental period. Reduced cost depending on the number of days. Our comfortable cars ready to make your stay more enjoyable. Our representatives will bring cars to any requested place at the requested time. If desired, you can take advantage of the driver, who will accompany you throughout your stay in the country.
Armenia as a popular destination for tourists
Armenia is located in the South Caucasus, and is bordered to the north by Georgia, on the south by Iran, on the east by Azerbaijan, and on the west by Turkey. The country went through many different periods and, of course, there are many interesting monuments that can be visited – Etchmiadzin in Armenia, the place where are placed many important monuments such as the Cathedral of Etchmiadzin and it’s a classic example of Armenian architecture. World Heritage UNSCO – Geghard monastery, located 35 km from Yerevan. Haghpat and Sanahin were listed UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003. The capital is the city is Yerevan, where you can visit most of the museums. The capital is the city of Yerevan, where most of the museums. In Yerevan you can visit, also, art gallery, which is a popular destination for tourists. Many cafés and restaurants where you can just spend a pleasant evening. Have a nice and comfortable stay and rent a car in order to easily visit all the most popular places in Yerevan.

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On our site you can not only see and learn detailed information about cars from our car park, but book them. In order to book a car you need a valid driving license and passport. Do not forget to pay attention to our special offers that the company is constantly updating. If you have any questions or you want advice, without any doubt, please contact us and you will get answers to all your questions. Collect interesting experiences in Armenia and use our Car for your best holiday

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