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Rent a car in Georgia, on the land, where all adventures begin

Rent a car in Georgia, on the land, where all adventures begin
Georgia – country that lies among the Caucasus Mountains and the black sea. This country, with its rich and splendid nature, offers to the visitor’s lots of possibilities. If you expect to spend time with pleasure, enjoy the country and its beauty, don’t think too much! Take a car for your journey and explore the attractions which you never seen before…

Car rental firm Naniko in Georgia, will assist you to enjoy your holiday in one the most beautiful countries! Driving your own car makes your trip always more comfortable and pleasant. Meanwhile, you will be free from the public transport schedule and you feel free to stop wherever and how long you wish. Everyone agrees, that it’s a best way for traveling.
Adventures of the country
The tourists have lots to discover in Georgia. Traveling here is always a big adventure and new experience. Here you will meet the most beautiful mountainous regions, vineyards and wine-vaults with its oldest wine making traditions, sea resorts and coasts, where you can spend unforgettable time. Georgia divided by regions with variety of its own traditions, culture and nature.
Renting a car at our company
Looking at our website, you can see variety of cars and you can get all needed information about car conditions and features, prices and equipment, so you can choose your car without hesitation, online. You can rent a good car for good price. Company’s workers are always on your disposition, ready to answer your questions any time. We realize very well our customer’s needs and wishes and can give you useful recommendations to make right choice. Our offices are situated in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi, they all are close to the airports and you can easily get to any of them. So, all you need is just contact us!
We wish you successful and unforgettable journey!